For a long time I couldn’t find a WordPress email solution which will be lightweight, simple and developer friendly… so I build my own.

Notification plugin stand behind all of these features.

How it works

If you are familiar with creating a post in WordPress you can handle this. You just go to Notifications page in the admin area and click Add new. You will see nice and clean interface of Notification edit.


Just type in the message subject and then select your trigger from one of the build in. Message content will populate automatically with some default text, but feel free to change it.

In the content you can use the trigger specific merge tags. Just click one of these and it will be copied to your clipboard. Oh, did I mentioned that you can format the message with HTML? Yes, you can. Make links, make text bold, create list and do what you would normally do in your email client.

Last but not least you will want to define some recipients. You can use few core types:

  • Administrator – it’s the email provided in WordPress General Settings
  • Email address – just free type email
  • User – select registered user from the list, Notification will use email from his profile
  • Merge tag – dynamic email rendered by trigger, ie. post author email

Oups… IĀ forgot about a recipient and have non existing merge tag

Don’t worry. Plugin will validate your content and recipients. You will be notified each time you forgot about a recipient, add two the same recipients, add a non existing merge tag or use an image (which may not be rendered by the recipient’s email client).

But in the end you can quick view the most important informations in the Notifications table.

Are you a developer?

That’s great! Me too and I know what are your needs.

How many times you was working on a project where one of the requirement was sending a custom email from the WordPress? How many times you registered your custom page with email settings, called wp_mail() with content from specific post… stop! Just use Notification plugin and do it with 2 functions. You have read correctly, two functions.

With register_trigger() you can register your custom trigger and with notification() you are sending the email.

Plugin also has own settings page which you can easily extend with your own options. You can also create your own recipients and basically extend the plugin as you wish. Sky’s the limit (because I’m responding to support tickets very fast).

See the plugin in action

If you are ready to give it a chance you can download it from WordPress.org repository or from GitHub.